Zim dating in zim

However, he finds that getting rid of her is harder than it seems, and he ends up needing GIR, Dib and Gaz to defeat her.

During their final battle outside Earth's atmosphere, Tak attempts to explain that his mission on Earth was a lie, told by the Tallest to get rid of him.

Tak's role would have been to sabotage the other SIRs, leaving all but Mi Mi, Skoodge and Tenn´s SIR Units and GIR destroyed.

Because the script was never recovered, her interaction with Zim during the course of the episode is to be determined.

Interestingly, Zim chooses to take this opportunity to learn more about the nature of human affection, and attempts repeatedly to win her "affection" - with each attempt leading to suffering on his part.

It is debatable whether or not Zim himself has developed a crush on Tak, or whether it's his big ego that leads him to fancy the idea she loves him. The writers never establish Zim's feelings towards Tak (Jhonen doesn't approve of them getting together out of all the pairings, as he has confirmed countless times), although it is clear that she hates him.

From what Tak has revealed about her own personality, she can be described as vindictive and bitter, and capable of holding quite the grudge for a very long time.

This is best illustrated by her relentlessness in tracking Zim down to punish him for ruining her chances of becoming an Invader 50 years ago.

In Top of the Line, she would have entered a competition among the other Invaders, during which their SIR Units would be put through a series of tests (like a dog show or athletic competition).

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Zim recognizes her ship during both encounters he has with it, although he makes no comment on her or how Dib got the ship.

However, as we learned a couple days ago, Nickelodeon forces its creators to go on the Internet and lie to their fans.

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