Who is josh henderson currently dating

"This is an intense moment, and he’s never had to deal with anything this real, at least we think. He said they're "good friends," which only adds to their instant chemistry that sparked during her initial screen test to play the part. People always talk about our chemistry on the show, and it’s real. I got cast before her, and I went through this whole test process with everybody.

Keep in mind there’s still a lot of secrets in Kyle’s closet that we haven’t dove into yet." When asked if he had ever been a part of a romantic publicity stunt, Henderson said no. There were probably 15 girls that I tested with, and she and I – the chemistry was real, it was there. We work together and it’s professional, but it’s not fake.

"I’m the only one in the cast that didn’t watch any of the episodes ‘cause I wanted to watch them live with my friends and my family, so I have not seen the finale, but I heard it’s incredible," he said. There’s a little restaurant that I love in The [San Fernando] Valley, and they’ve got a really cool back room. drama wraps up its first season on Sunday, a week after leaving fans on the edge of their seat with plenty of questions: What's going to happen to Kyle's now-fiancée, Megan Morrison (Evangelista), who got kidnapped by The Institute of the Higher Mind? Last episode, Kyle had just about reached his limit with his life coach, since Terence pimped the actor out in order to get out of some legal trouble.

Caption: Josh and his ex-girlfriend Andrea attending the Nautica Men's Spring fashion show (2014).The Dallas star may have had his mind on other things, namely his sleek-haired new love Andrea Boehlke, at the Nautica Men's Spring 2014 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on Friday.They pair were spotted on Tuesday, August 27, on a casual coffee run in Los Angeles with Andrea dressed down in black leggings and T-shirt and Josh sporting grey shorts, tank T-shirt and a reverse baseball cap.He had relationships with other beautiful ladies namely Kristen Storms, Lawren Pope, Brittany Snow, Izabel Goulart, Kendal Sheppard.Although he has been in very famous TV soaps like Dallas, Desperate Housewives and 90210; he revealed it’s not the television shows that he is looking forward to, but he wishes to work in the movies.

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