Sean connery and catherine zeta jones dating

Her dad owned a candy factory, and Catherine has said that she has many fond memories of snuggling up to her father, who smelled like sugar.

Still, neither fishing nor candy-making were the life for her, and she developed a passion for acting while still very young.

She landed some feature film roles - Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992) with Marlon Brando, Splitting Heirs (1993) with Barbara Hershey and Rick Moranis, The Phantom (1996) with Billy Zane.

She soon landed a role in a television movie, Titanic, a precursor to the motion picture.

During the series' enormously successful three-year run, its star made her first inroads into Hollywood with a prominent role in an episode of ABC's The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

When the intense pressure of having the tabloids dog her every move wore down the realm's most eligible sex symbol, she decided it was time for a change of scenery, post haste.

The show was a big hit in the United Kingdom, and Catherine was becoming a first class star.

We plan to marry sometime this year, however, no date has been set.

Check my web site in the future and you'll be among the first to know." 12/2 - 2000 Britains top-selling Sun tabloid reported Friday that Catherine Zeta- ones is pregnant with her fiance Michael Douglas.

She so impressed the producers that they whisked her off to London to star in a production of The Pyjama Game.

The talented teen acquired her first actor's guild card at the age of 15. When Catherine was 16 she took over the lead in David Merrick's 4.

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