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So I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear it and I’m like, “Hey, it’s a nice day outside, the sun is shining, is it raining where you are?” For every hour I’m logged in, I only get about 20 to 30 minutes worth of talk time, and I only get paid when I’m talking.You then negotiate your time, price, and activity with the member.You then meet your new friend, have a great time, and get paid!I have painted my nails during a call but most of the time I draw pictures or do some coloring. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the caller, either because they’re hiding somewhere or they’re calling from far away, I’ve had callers from England and from Africa. ” If my fiancé is anywhere within earshot he’ll grab a banana out of the fruit basket and hold it next to his body to try to get me to crack up.

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You are not required to do anything you don't want to. It's extremely important that before you meet to discuss all of the details including the time, date, location plans and payment. Rent is strictly a platonic friendship website where people can rent your friendship. There is no physical contact at all during your time you spend with a member! They pay a small fee to us, which allows them to contact you. The first benefit is that this only allows you to be contacted by paying members of our website, meaning you won't have random people contacting you.Once all of those minor details are worked out, you will be able to enjoy your time much better. The second benefit is that if a member contacts you to make plans, they have paid a membership fee and are 100% serious about hiring you. Just fill out the application and then you will be emailed within a few hours to confirm your membership! There are no schedules or minimum amounts of time you have to put in. They tend to be quality callers —less perverted than Americans. If they find out I’m in the USA, though, they will usually hang up. He was like, “I’m a wittle wittle person, I want you to sit on me.” I once told a guy I was 300 pounds, that wasn’t fat enough for him so he hung up on me. Occasionally I get calls from females, but usually those calls don’t last very long because they’re like, Ironically the calls from women are the worst. A lot of guys say they’re going through a divorce or they’re in a loveless relationship.When you take a call you never know what you will get: You could go to Candyland or you could go to Crackville. I can’t keep them on the phone to save my life and they are very pushy. Many just want conversation — marriage proposals are common.

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