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This greatly reduced the detection errors compared to Piper and Canary, which got triggered by a lot of outside activity because I had to install them near the door where the only available wall outlet is located.

And I find that they blend in quite easily with the rest of the pharmacy's white cabinets and glass shelves.

I could add my assistant as a member to the Canary and have it stay in Home mode when she's working, but the problem is she lives in the same building the pharmacy is located in, so based on her phone's geofence, Canary would never auto-arm. Here was a bundle of 3 cameras that cost just a tad more than a single cam from competitor brands, but that gave you total freedom over where you placed them.

Being wireless and functioning over battery power meant that I didn't have to worry about wires or black-outs; I could even place the cams on the shelves right next to products.

All of them look and work the same with the lens encapsulated in a black circular border, a motion sensor, white LED, and a microphone hole to round up the different sensors.

The back has a Micro USB port that you can use as an alternate power source and a slider to pop the rear plate off.

It also doesn't have a native scheduled arm/disarm feature; I really shouldn't have to manually arm and disarm my cameras when a simple time-based schedule is easy to implement.

Canary (full review), on the other hand, is quasi-perfect, if it weren't for one little quirk: I sometimes have to leave the pharmacy during work hours, and my phone's geofence triggers Away mode so I get notified of every movement that happens.

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So sign up now, it is 100% free, it only takes 1 minute, and check out all our adult Chatrooms!There's a reset button too that you might need if you plan on moving your Blink to a new wireless network.I tested the bundle that comes with 3 wireless cameras.You can't really tilt the camera to the side on the bracket, meaning it's very difficult to place it on the upper side of a door and point it down toward the middle.The bracket also feels flimsy and, like the rest of Blink's hardware, very plasticky.

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