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Than is also in the company; Mors says that Than had come alone and had organized the rescue party.

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Though defeating many Warhoon, Carter is ultimately overpowered; he is saved when Mors intervenes in a Helium ship.Elsewhere on Barsoom, the human Red Martian city of Helium, led by Thardos Mors, and the Walking City of Zodanga, led by the villainous Sab Than, have been at war for a thousand years.Sab Than, who wants to conquer all Barsoom, is armed with a special and highly destructive weapon given him by three Therns in the midst of a ship-to-ship close quarters combat, which the weapon ends by annihilating all the other participants.As Tarkas tries to get Carter to show off his jumping abilities, a Thark sentry spots a ship from Helium and another from Zodanga, and the Tharks scatter to hide.Carter races into action and leaps to save Dejah from falling.

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