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She was in Nepal last year when an earthquake hit, another experience which changed her for ever.

‘The ground started shaking, everyone started screaming,’ she recalls.

Not even her father can entirely understand her abrupt metamorphosis from party girl to devoted Sikh.

We meet in a cafe in Hyde Park because she likes to be near to nature at all times.

This follows her whirlwind marriage to Sikh warrior Inderjot Singh six years ago. When she recalls their first meeting in the Indian city of Amritsar in 2009, the former socialite and girl about town makes it sound like something out of a Bollywood film.‘I was sitting on the roof of the Golden Temple at about 3am, and the most beautiful man I’d ever seen in my whole life walked in. As early as 2013, her father Jonathan was talking of ‘uncertainty’ and ‘a rocky patch’.

I like her and her bold and cheerful nature, but I’m not sure I want to listen to a lecture on recycled loo paper (‘nowadays, you can get recycled loo paper that plants a tree — you just have to read the packets’) from a poor little rich girl whose carbon footprint is considerably bigger than my own.‘My life is all about balance.

I have to plant an acre of trees for every year’s worth of driving.

Certainly, it is quite a change from the days when she posed naked for GQ magazine, hung out with bad boys like George Best’s son Calum and disgraced TV presenter John Leslie, and attended film premieres in the tiniest of dresses and the highest of heels.

People still talk about her 22nd birthday party in London, where the privately educated art school graduate had dwarves wearing Dennis The Menace costumes serve her guests with shots of toffee vodka.

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